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Great perspective on persistence

Chris is honest and vulnerable about his challenges with stuttering. His helpful personal stories and research from educational psychology make this an inspiring read.

Sharing his struggles to give us strength:

Chris writes his story to show vulnerability for us to share our story. Although we may not stutter, our struggles are very similar to use the tools he presents to achieve peace and contentment.

Finding strength needed despite our struggle


Very real account of personal struggle with a speech impediment. The will to survive and finding purpose in the struggle. We all have something to figure out where it all fits together and will relate with the author.

Jennifer Lundrum, Ph.D

Charles Hooper,
Hooper Leadership Coaching

Bob Womble

Lisa Blankenship


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Dr. Chris Taylor has focused for 25 years on helping people find a deeper meaning and purpose for their lives and work. Chris is the founder and president of a non-profit called Bridgework and a professor for Liberty University.

I love to help business owners, educators, and ministries leaders find their Voice and move beyond their limiting beliefs.  Our Purpose is to help you bring Glory to God. 

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